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Kellie’s classic catch video, Community garden news, Return and earn: Term 4 | Week 5

Weekly News
  Click here to see Year 6 student, Kellie Taylor, land a magnificent catch at Thursday’s PSSA Cricket Tournament Last Thursday, many of the students in Years 3-6 spent the day on the greens, in a PSSA cricket tournament. Students were lucky enough to enjoy perfect conditions for much  of the day and had a great time honing their skills.
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New bubbler, Compulsory school hats, Managing hot days: Term 4 | Week 4

Weekly News
A new bubbler will be installed on the lower playground today, to ensure students keep hydrated throughout the day The weather is heating up as we approach the end of the year, but we are doing all we can to ensure that students are staying cool and hydrated in the warmer weather. Our 100% hat habit is well and truly underway, with school hats to be introduced in the coming weeks (more information on this later in the newsletter).
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