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All the latest news: Term 4 | Week 10

Weekly News
We’d like to offer another congratulations to all of these recipients, who have demonstrated that Lake Heights really does ‘Strive for excellence’. As the year draws to a close, however, it’s important to remember that the students who received an award in last week’s ceremony are not the only students who have achieved excellence or have made progress over the year.
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Planting the seeds, Lachlan’s done it again, news from the garden, school picnic announced: Term 4 | Week 8

Weekly News
It was an opportunity for schools to showcase what they had achieved in their gardens, sample some of the delicious food grown and cooked straight from school gardens and take a tour of Cringila’s fabulous garden. It was perfect timing for teachers and our parent volunteers who came along, who each came back with a stack of new ideas to implement in our own school.
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