P&C report, pie drive, $5 school jumpers: Term 2 | Week 4

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Bounce Back!

As many of you know, we have been on a journey to improve the social and emotional wellbeing of our students for quite some time now. Our approach is based on the KidsMatter framework and is ever-evolving.

Research has shown that children’s learning is influenced by a range of social and emotional factors. How well children do at school is affected by things such as:

  • how confident children feel about their abilities

  • how effectively they are able to manage their own behaviour

  • how well they can concentrate and organise themselves

  • how effectively they can solve problems

  • how positively they are able to get on with teaching staff and with peers

  • how effectively they take into account others' needs

  • how well they can understand and accept responsibilities.

Bounce Back! is the award winning positive education approach to wellbeing, resilience and social-emotional learning that we use in classrooms. We've decided to up the ante on BounceBack, by creating a whole-school focus and sharing that focus with you each week.

We hope that by sharing this focus, you'll be share some conversations with your child at home and how the lessons they are learning in class, relate their lives outside of school.

This week, we'll be talking about courage. Students will be looking at different aspects of this theme depending on their year level, but will be working towards understanding what courage is, that everyone feels scared sometimes, examining behaviours and whether they are brave, unwise or thrill-seeking and finding their own courage.

Here are some helpful strategies and ideas to talk to your child about courage at home.
Pie and Slice Drive

If you've been waiting to tuck into a delicious pie from Berkeley Cakes and Pies, the wait is over! Pie orders were sent home today and you've got about three weeks to get your orders in.

Extra order forms are available here or from The Hub.
P&C Report

The P&C met last week and finalised their positions for the year:

President - Lisa Ramsay Treasurer - Belinda Chase Secretary - Belinda Davies Communication Coordinators - Peggy Williams and Christina Talevska

Thank you to all of the parents who came along to have their say last week.

Wear those school colours with pride!

NEW school jumpers just $5

We're saving you a trip to the shops! As the days begin to cool, we're supporting the wearing of school colours in winter with the sale of long sleeved blue tops for just $5. Available in sizes 4 - 12 from the office.

A reminder also, to label jumpers and other clothing items so that misplaced items can be returned to their owners. Permanent markers to label clothes are available from the office.
A BIG thank you
We are so lucky to work with such wonderful parents at Lake Heights Public School and here's an example of one who went above and beyond to help out. A huge shout out to Mrs Batist who saw the plaster casting group at work on Friday morning. Not only did she stay and lend a valuable hand for much of the day, Mrs Batist also went home and brought back a box full of fantastic moulds that the students absolutely loved. They were spoilt for choices and results from their first day were pretty amazing.
Last week in review
Last week was our first week of groups for the term and there was a lot of fun happening around the school!
Ahead this term...
Keep up to date with all of the events on our Events Calendar. Here's what's happening in the weeks ahead:
Pie orders sent home - Monday 21 May Pie orders due back - Tuesday 12 June School assembly presented by groups - Friday 22 JuneCheck out our events page on our school website for more information on any of these events.
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