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Writing Superstars!

Well they may have been reading the book Noah Dreary, but there is nothing dreary about these students' writing.

Students studied the hilarious tale as a part of last week's Bounce Back focus on positivity. The book focuses on the curve balls that life sometimes throws at us and how we choose to respond to these. They then produced some writing about the text in response to their discussions. What a fantastic effort for these students, who are just half the way through their second year of school. Well done, Year 1!

The Luckiest Boy in the World!

Boom! Noah Dreary's head fell off. It fell off because he was complaining a lot. He complained about his sister. His mum took him to the hospital. The doctor said, "nothing could be done." But then a big boat of wind came.

"Nooooooooo" shouted Noah and he flew into the ocean. Just then a fisherman came. "I am alive," he said and he cuddled his mum and his sister.

By Ella B.

The Luckiest Boy in the World

Noah Dreary's head fell off. Noah Dreary said "Ow". Noah Dreary has complained a lot so his head fell off. Noooooooooooooo, Noah Dreary's head fell into the water. He went home and hugged everyone and he helped people.

By Ryan P.

Noah Dreary complained so much, his head fell off and blood ran down. Drip Drop! Drip Drop. The doctor said, "Nothing could be done". The wind blew his head into the ocean. The fish saw him and the fisherman saved Noah. Noah Dreary now is happy.

By Nick P.

The Luckiest Boy In The World

Noah Dreary's head fell off and it went crack because he complained too much. His mum rushed him to the hospital and the doctor said there is nothing we can do. Because his head fell off it rolled down the hill and it went splash splash splash splash. Noah Dreary's head fell into the water and the fisherman saved him .

Zoei G.

The Luckiest Boy In The World

One day Noah Dreary's head went crash on the floor and he loved to complain at everything in his house. And I'll tell you what. He complained about the toilet, he complained about the time on the clock. His head fell straight off into the water and then some fisherman came and he stunk like fish water and he thought he was the luckiest boy in the world. He gave his mum and his sister a great big hug.

By Ayla S.


Last week was all about focusing on the positive and we're continuing with the good vibes this week, by focusing on being thankful, showing gratitude, using positive memories to bounce back from set backs and learning how to show appreciation.

You can help to support your child's social and emotional development by talking to them about being grateful. A simple way to do this, is to start the day telling each other three things you're grateful for. It can be as simple as their company. Helping your child to realise all of the good fortune in their lives can have a huge impact on their mindset and help them to empathise with others. Give it a go!
Reconciliation week games! 

Thanks to everyone who supported Reconciliation week by coming dressed in red, black and yellow last Friday.

Students had a terrific day, learning about Aboriginal culture and the importance of reconciliation. Despite the less than ideal weather conditions, we had a terrific afternoon of Aboriginal games and activities. Well done to the Year 4/5 students who showed outstanding leadership skills in their organisation of each of the activities. Check out our Week in Review video, to see some of the games in action.
Get your orders in!

A reminder that all orders and payments for pie orders, must be returned to school by 9:30am next Tuesday. Late orders can not be accepted.

Made collaboratively with children from public housing in the Illawarra, you will love unique film inspired by the lives and experiences of these, often hilarious young people. 'Protection' is screening at the Gala Cinemas in Warrawong. The first screening has now SOLD OUT, but please check out Beyond Empathy's Facebook page and let them know if you missed out. With enough interest, a second screening might just be on the cards.
Transition to school with the HIPPY program
Do you have a child starting school in 2020? The HIPPY program is now taking expressions of interest for families wanting to become involved next year. Expression of interest forms are available here or in paper form from The Hub. Completed forms can be returned to Mrs Sernig or emailed directly to HIPPY coordinator, Rebecca Georges
Last week in review...
Last week was all about positivity and reconciliation - the two fit nicely together and definitely had us feeling all warm and fuzzy. Check out what else we got up to this week.
Ahead this term...
Keep up to date with all of the events on our Events Calendar. Here's what's happening in the weeks ahead:
PSSA soccer and dragon tag - 8 & 15 June Pie orders due back - Tuesday 12 June School assembly presented by groups - Friday 22 June Pie orders delivered - Wednesday 27 May School assembly presented by Year 1/2 - Friday 29 June School reports home - Monday 2 JulyCheck out our events page on our school website for more information on any of these events.
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