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It’s SASS Appreciation Week

This week is SASS Appreciation Week. The School Administrative and Support Staff are Mrs Norman and Mrs Griffiths who run the office, Mrs Cherrie and Mrs da Costa, our School Learning Support Officers and Mr Samways who looks after the grounds and maintenance. They all do a brilliant job, often above and beyond their hours of pay. Just look at the Southern Stars dance troupe as one of many examples. Often their hard work goes unnoticed, however, without them we would not function as smoothly as we do.

This Wednesday, our SASS staff will be attending a special breakfast before school (and I might even bake them a cake).

If you know someone in our school who has looked after your child or supported them this year, you may decide that this week is a good time to drop a note or message of appreciation for the work they do or have done. A little bit of positive feedback goes a long way.

On behalf of the teaching staff of Lake Heights Public School I’d like to say thank you for everything that you do in our school.

Peter Heddles


What a show!
Many months of rehearsals culminated in an absolutely spectacular week for our dancers involved in Southern Stars this year. Students were involved two full-day rehearsals, followed by four performances over two days in what was an absolutely stunning show. After watching the performance, it is hard to believe that the performers are all school students. We asked some of the students involved, why Southern Stars was such a great opportunity and they talked about things like freedom of expression through dance, the opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes and the chance to make new friends. It is easy to see how productions like Southern Stars, leave a lasting impression on students. Another big thank you to all of the wonderful who were involved with transport and helping out when needed, to Mr Hurd and Miss Hunter for all of the hours of hard work, to all of the staff who helped with costumes and most of all, to the students, whose behaviour was impeccable and a credit to Lake Heights. Well done to all. That's it for another year! Check our this week's video to see a few of our favourite moments from Southern Stars.
Parent-Teacher Conversations
There's still time to book your parent-teacher conversation! Parent-teacher conversations are an important part of how we communicate with parents and report on student progress. Even if you see your child's teacher regularly, we recommend you make the time to have a conversation about your child's learning.  Jump online and book yourself a time to pop in and have a chat with your child's teacher. It is a relaxed, informal way for you ask any questions about your child's learning, clarify anything on your child's Semester 1 report or just touch base about how your child is progressing. If you are unable to make the available time slots, please speak to your child's teacher to arrange an alternative time slot. Ready to book? Click here to access our online booking platform.
Around the school
It was show week for many of our students involved in Southern Stars. Here is a snippet of what went on, and what some students loved most about the Southern Stars experience. Ease on down the road one last time!
Tell them from me survey

Have your say about our school

Lake Heights is conducting a comprehensive school-wide evaluation to help capture the views of parents, teachers and students. As part of this process, we are asking parents to take part in the Tell Them From Me online survey between now and the end of September.

The survey asks parents about their perceptions of their children’s experiences at home and at school.

Participation is anonymous and confidential. When you submit your survey, your responses are recorded without personal identifying information. Your answers will be mixed with other parents and carers from our school so the answers you provide can never be identified as yours. You can also skip any questions you do not wish to answer.

Please help guide informed school improvements by taking part at
The facts of lice
Nits are out and about. Please check your child's hair for head lice. 

Head lice are tiny wingless insects about the size of a sesame seed that live in the hair of humans and animals where they feed on blood by biting the skin. Lice are not dangerous, and do not spread disease, but their bites can cause itching and sometimes skin irritation.

You can see the lice and nits (eggs) if you look closely at your head and scalp. Nits look like tiny white dots attached firmly to the hair. They cannot be brushed or flicked off the hair, but must be physically removed with fingers or fingernails. Treating lice

Treating head lice involves the removal of head lice and nits from the hair by either using the conditioner and comb method, or chemical treatments.

The conditioner and comb method involves the use of conditioner and a special metal fine-toothed nit comb. The conditioner briefly stuns the lice making it easier for the nit comb to trap and remove the lice and nits.

If you decide to use a chemical, it is important that you follow the instructions closely that come with it. 2 to 3 chemical treatments with a week in between each should remove living lice. No single chemical treatment will work for everyone. A nit comb can be used to look for any signs of living lice.

Lend your support for our farmers!
Lake Heights is helping to raise money for the Buy-a-Bale organisation which provides support to farmers by delivering hay and other essential items to those who have no feed left for their cattle. On Thursday 20 September, students are asked to come dressed as farmers and donate a gold coin (or a couple if you can spare it). Join us from 9am for a bit of whole-school bootscooting to start our day.

We'll also be holding a cake stall, with cakes starting at $1. Donations of cake will be gratefully received by our P&C mums. Please drop them off to the kitchen on the day.

Food and Toiletries Drive

Thank you to the wonderful families who have already made donations. We have lots of baskets starting to fill up.

If you missed it in last week's newsletter, we are currently collecting donations of food and toiletries in support of the work being done by the “Doing It For Our Farmers” organisation.

Please send in any canned, packaged foods and toiletries such as those listed below to the kitchen between now and 20 September.

Ahead this term
Term 3 is always a big one. Here's some dates for the diary. Monday 10-15 September - Parent Teacher Conversations Tuesday 11 September at 9:30 - P&C meeting  Thursday 20 September - Buy a Bale Day  Friday 21 September - School Assembly presented by 4/5 Friday 28 September - Last day of Term 3  Friday 28 September - School assembly presented by 3/4
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