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From the principal's desk
Dear parents and community, Welcome to Week 2, our last week operating fully under Phase 0. I hope that the work being provided by our teachers has been well received by students, and that the remote support we have been delivering is assisting families in completing activities. Our learning workpack for the next fortnight starting May 11 will be available this Friday afternoon (May 8) between 12-3 outside our office. Please reach out if we can be of any more assistance. During the school holidays, the NSW government announced its return to school plan for public school students. The plan is from Week 3, starting Monday May 11, students will return to school for one day per week, and continue learning remotely for the remaining four. As has been the case right throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, our school remains open each day for the children of essential workers, but wherever possible, the Government continues to ask families to keep children home outside of their assigned day per week at school to assist us with social distancing. We will be using an alphabetical model to assign your child/ren’s day per week. We endeavour to have siblings attend on the same day. To enable this, if your children have differing surnames, we are using your oldest child’s surname to group your family. Our days at school from Week 3 onwards, until we move to Phase 2 are as follows: Monday: Surnames A-D, Tuesday: Surnames E-I, Wednesday: Surnames J-M, Thursday: Surnames N-R, and Friday: Surnames S-Z When your child/ren attend school on their allotted day, we ask that they bring their work packages, to save us having to reprint the same work, and also to allow our staff to check in on your child’s work and assist with any queries. Social distancing remains a key priority for our organisation. To this effect, class sizes will be greatly reduced. This means your child may not necessarily be supervised by their own classroom teacher, and they may be sharing their learning days with children from other classes. Groupings will be loosely determined by schooling age for developmental appropriateness. When picking up and dropping off children, please minimize time spent here onsite and maximise the space between people. Always aim for two good arm’s lengths away from people outside of your family, and utilise quick drop offs and pickups wherever possible. The message is wherever there is an alternative to physically being on our site as a parent/carer please exercise it and avoid congregating. Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, our school continues to deliver a single unit of learning online and in paper, so that regardless of whether a student is on site at school, or at home, the same content is being approached. We thank our community and students for their exceptional levels of engagement with the online platforms on offer, and for completing the paper alternatives in their absence. Currently we have an enhanced cleaning schedule here at school in line with Government priorities, and staff and students are practising additional hygiene routines. As an example, we are asking students to minimise drinking from bubblers, but rather to bring a refillable drink bottle instead to fill from water outlets. We are also providing additional soaps, sanitisers, and wipes to uphold the safest environment possible. As always, please call the office to organise a time to discuss any concerns. I genuinely thank our community, our students and our staff for their exceptional flexibility, understanding and accommodating nature throughout this crisis.
Kind regards,
Kieren Corbyn
One site to rule them all
All of the video resources in the "Learning from Home" packs are now available, on one site, for instant access. No more typing in the links required. Check out the site here
Way back in 2017
Click the link above to revisit some photos and videos from 2017 at Lake Heights Public School. While you are there, check out all of our other videos about learning at Lake Heights Public School.
The health, safety and wellbeing of our communities and our people remains our highest priority. Due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding coronavirus, the School Banking program will remain on hold. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed with any updates including how we will be managing Dollarmite tokens for students. In the meantime, here are some handy online resources for parents who wish to maintain momentum with their child’s financial education:
  • Start Smart: these resources have been created to improve children’s money management skills, and is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and the National Consumer Financial Literacy Framework.
  • The Beanstalk: offers videos and fun activities for children to learn about money.

Phase 1

Don't forget to bring your "Learning from Home" work packs when you come to school, on your allocated day. We can't wait to see you all. Phase 1, of one day per week at school, starts Monday 11 May.
BTN and ABC resources
Behind the News is a fun, accessible way for students to learn about what's happening in the world around them. Click on the picture above to take you to "BTN". ABC Education, in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education, has also planned a daily schedule of free to air educational programs. All activities can be completed without access to the internet or a device and are suitable for lower primary, upper primary and secondary students. The selected daily episodes can be viewed via the ABC TV Education broadcast on ABC ME (Channel 23) from 10am-3pm weekdays. Each day commences with programs suitable for lower primary students followed by upper primary and then secondary. Programs are also available at ABC iview after the broadcast. A schedule of the selected episodes is included in each student booklet. Click the picture below for the booklet links in pdf format.

Learning from home highlights

Well done everyone for your creative contributions to your portfolios on ClassDojo. Here are some highlights from the past week. Thank you, students and parents, for all of your hard work during Learning from Home. A special mention from teachers to Bentley Martin for his hard work in writing, Autumn Leland, Henry Juhasz and William Jones for being fully engaged in their learning. High five to Ammie Connerty - Paper Cup Activity, Benji Macaulay - Earth Day Poster, Daniel Edwards - Bee Drawing,  Ella Vinken - Nature Art, Tyla O'Brien - Insect Creation, Ama Tamata Opo- an amazing nature art picture of a bird, Abby Lainez and Beau Hazelgrove  - thunderstorm pictures, Spencer Jujhara - bee picture, Declan Flanagan-Murray - the area of a leaf and Sie Sie Connerty - ways to use a plastic cup.
Emotional regulation

ClassDojo Awards

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