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From the Principal's desk
Celebrating our School- Mr Mark Barraket, Executive Director, enjoyed being welcomed by our student leaders yesterday.
From the Principal’s Desk – W5 ‘Learning never exhausts the mind’
Leonardo Davinci  
From time to time, special dignitaries within our department ask if they can schedule a school visit to come and see what is happening ‘on the ground’ in our schools. Yesterday, our students had a visit from Mr Mark Barraket. He is an Executive Director, responsible for over 250 NSW schools. My personal goal for the visit was to let our student leaders shine, and that is exactly what they did. They greeted Mr Barraket in the office before proudly showing him around our school. Our Stage 1 boys danced an Aboriginal Dance and showed off our mural to begin the tour, before our captains took Mr Barraket to visit rooms. He spent time with Year 5/6 and Kindergarten, and saw some of our intervention lessons.  During the visit he heard about many of the things occurring in our school. He was very impressed. As he left he remarked ‘clearly kids here love their learning’. What a great mantra to hang our hats on. When visiting the classes, we showed Mr Barraket the first 3 videos in our learning series ‘What Works Best’ for our community, focused on the learning practices in our classes. Last week, 2/3/4F told us about the ‘High Expectations’ their teacher has of them. This week, KB and our Interventionists show what ‘Explicit Teaching’ looks like. These videos replace our previous weekly newsletter films, and aim to address the feedback received through community surveys in 2020 indicating our carer body would like to know more about the learning occurring in classrooms. Please take the time to view these videos and have a chat with your children, a great example might be ‘How does their teacher have high expectations of them?’ Yesterday we also kicked off our 2021 Fundamental Skills – AFL program. In this program, all children are able to participate in AFL skills and drills with the Sydney Swans under the Government’s Sporting Schools Grant, delivered free of charge. All of the kids had a great time. The program continues for 5 consecutive weeks on Mondays. The Hawks last week, and the Swans this week. We feel very lucky! A quick reminder for our community of our upcoming PandC meeting and AGM scheduled for Monday, March 1 at 5.30pm here at school in The Hub. Please consider joining our PandC, and perhaps even running for an office bearing position if you have the skills, or a willingness to learn and some time to give. Even just joining for the meetings makes a big difference, so please come along if you can. Another reminder for our parents and carers, please hop online and make a booking to have a conversation with your child’s teacher next week; building a strong relationship between home and school is a big enabler for our students’ learning. Have a great week, Kieren Corbyn, Principal  
What Works Best- Explicit Teaching in KB and Intervention classes
Students learn best when teaching is explicit, especially when learning something new. Explicit teaching involves teachers clearly explaining to students why they are learning something, how it connects to what they already know, what they expect students to do, how to do it and what it looks like when they have succeeded. KB In Kindergarten, Learning Intentions are used to clearly explain to students why they are learning something and how it connects to what they already know. They then have the opportunity to interact with the new learning through whole class learning experiences, small group exploration and individual conferencing with the teacher if needed. At the end of the lesson they always come back together to reflect on the learning. Watch the video below to see explicit teaching in action in KB. https://vimeo.com/514736905 Intervention This year, Lake Heights Public School is very lucky to have not one but two Intervention support teachers. Their role is to work with small groups of students to support targeted learning in Literacy and Numeracy. This is in part due to the 2021 COVID intensive learning support plan, which provides schools with funding to employ additional educators who will deliver small group targeted tuition in Literacy and Numeracy.  Watch the video below to see how Mrs Denton and Mrs Batist use explicit teaching strategies in their small groups. https://vimeo.com/514226164  
Parent- Teacher Conversations
We value collaboration with our parents and we look forward to inviting you to meet with your child's teacher during parent-teacher conversations in Week 6.  To make a booking, follow the link below and  simply fill out the form by choosing your child's teacher and choosing a booking time. Alternatively, you can hop on to our school website and choose Parent-Teacher conversations from the drop down menu. We look forward to meeting with you. Go to: https: //lhps.nsw.edu.au/parent-teacher-conversations/
Primary Maths Specialist Teacher Initiative (PMSTI)

Our school is lucky to be one of only 30 schools in NSW to be included in the new Primary Maths Specialist Teacher Initiative (PMSTI). Mrs Brisbane is our new Primary Maths Specialist Teacher and along with her Primary Maths team, Mrs Whyte, Mrs Ellsmore and Mrs Nicastri, she will be trained in responsive and evidence-based professional learning experiences in Maths. 

It's an exciting time for our school and we are looking forward to seeing where this two-year opportunity leads us. One thing we do know for sure is that our students will be receiving the best possible maths opportunities.  Watch this space in future as Mrs Brisbane and her team share fun Maths activities and games for you to try at home.  
Attendance Matters

Regular attendance at school is essential to assist students to maximise their potential. Another factor that impacts a student's learning is arriving late to school. When a child is repeatedly late to school, their class routine is disrupted and affects their learning as well as the learning of the other students already engaged in the class activities.

This year we are focussing on minimising the number of students arriving late to school in the morning. We are encouraging all students to "be on time for school." 


These students were the 1st of our lucky "on time" award winners that were randomly selected last week as part of our incentive to arrive at school each day on time.

Remember : Be punctual to school, be prompt to class and be prepared to learn and see if you are our next lucky "on time" winner.

PandC meeting
A quick reminder for our community of our upcoming PandC meeting and AGM scheduled for Monday, March 1 at 5.30pm here at school in The Hub. We would love to see as many parents there as possible.
Term 1 fun
Whilst the focus of our weekly videos has changed slightly, we still aim to capture and share lots of the fun moments with you in our week 5 and 10 newsletters. We hope you enjoy watching some of the fun in this week's video.
Merit Awards
Congratulations to the following students who have received a merit award in class this week.
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