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‘Everyone Belongs’   Harmony Day 2021
Some of our students don orange and work together to celebrate Harmony Day
Inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone On Friday, our classes celebrated Harmony Day. The messages behind this day are incredibly important, and underpinned a range of activities undertaken in classes with buddies. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our album on Facebook, please take a look or watch the video at the end of this newsletter. Remember to view our public facing Facebook page, you don’t need an account. You can view the album here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=lakeheightsps&set=a.4207155065983557 I was thrilled late last week to learn our school was successful in a grant application to have our COLA court upgrades part funded. Under this initiative, we plan to rejuvenate the old tar COLA surface with a bright and modern synthetic surface. If it falls within the scope of the grant, I plan to include games and sensory walks on the surface to make it fun and functional. Last year we installed spikes in the roof to eliminate bird damage. Our next step is to improve drainage capacity, and then we can install the surface. It will be a welcomed upgrade and one we are excited to receive funding for. It means we can spend more of our own local budget on teaching and learning in classrooms. It feels odd writing it, but the Term 1 holidays are just around the corner. This means two events for consideration to place in your diary: our Hat parade on the last day of school (Thursday 1/4 at 11.35), and our ANZAC ceremony on the first Friday back (Friday, 23/4 at midday). For the Hat Parade, we are inviting the parents/carers of students K-6. Similar to our Cross Country, adults will need to sign in, remain distanced, practise good hygiene and stay home if unwell. In order to help us manage numbers of adults in the available space, I ask informally that families consider sending only one adult per child to assist us if possible. Please see further info later in the newsletter. I will share more detail in regards to ANZAC as it approaches. School photos are scheduled on Thursday. Please remember we do not hold money as we engage a company. For this reason, please hold envelopes and send them in on the day of the photos only. Please remember full school uniform. I realise this is tricky in wet weather, so please plan early and send in a note if uniform is not possible in the early days this week to keep/get things dry and clean for Thursday. On Thursday, we also practice our NAPLAN arrangements for students in Years 3 and 5 after lunch. Detailed notes were sent home last week, but please make contact if further questions remain. We treat all NAPLAN days like any other at school, so please help us to encourage students to give their best without raising any anxiety. Lastly, I am very pleased also to inform our community that our Aboriginal Polo Shirts are ready for dispatch from our supplier. Localised flooding has presented one last challenge, but I anticipate their arrival in a matter of days. We will communicate as soon as they are ready for collection. As stated earlier, students can wear them each Friday as they wish. Because they were custom printed, we cannot order more. We intend to use Darren’s artistic services again in coming years, so further opportunities will present for any new students or for those who missed out last time.   Have a great week; please stay safe and dry. Kieren Corbyn, Principal
What Works Best- Classroom Management

What works best 2020 update: Classroom management Students learn best when teachers manage their classrooms well. Classroom management includes the broad range of things that teachers do to encourage a safe, positive and stimulating learning environment for their students.

Our teachers work very hard to manage our classrooms effectively, but classrooms are calmest when our students follow our school values of care, respect and safety consistently. It helps us immensely when we have the support of parents and carers at home to reinforce these values and support our school's expectations here at school. Our school's behaviour code is available on our website here: https://lhps.nsw.edu.au/our-school/behaviour-code-for-students/ 

To check in with your child about classroom management at LHPS please ask the following questions;

  • Are there rules or expectations you need to follow in your classroom? Can you tell me a few? What happens when you work hard to follow them? What happens if you don’t follow them?
Classroom Management at LHPS- This week, 4/5 decided to put their drama skills into full swing as they looked back in time at what classroom management may have looked like in the past. They had lots of fun as they giggled when they realised how different it is now. 
School Photos- this Thursday 25th March
Please remember to wear full school uniform this Thursday for our school photos. Please return envelopes to classroom teachers on Thursday morning.
Hat Parade- Thursday 1st April

Our Hat Parade is shaping up to be an exciting event!

Hat making will take place in classes during week 10. However, if you'd also like to create one at home, your child is more than welcome to wear that one for the parade. Students will have the opportunity to use class resources to create the hats, but students are welcome to bring in some decorations for their hat from home. If you decide to send in decorations form home, please ensure they are sent in to class in a labelled plastic bag by Monday of week 10. For the Hat Parade, we are inviting the parents/carers of students K-6. Similar to our Cross Country, adults will need to sign in, remain distanced, practise good hygiene and stay home if unwell. QR codes and sign in sheets will be located at the gate for you to sign in as you enter. In order to help us manage numbers of adults in the available space, we ask that families consider sending only one adult per child to assist us if possible.  Thanks for your support in helping to make this a safe and enjoyable event.
Harmony Day Fun

Please click on the above link to view some of the Harmony Day activities that took place last week.

End of Term 1
Dates for the diary- Just a reminder that our last day of term will be next week, Thursday 1st April. Staff will return in Term 2, on Monday 19th April for a Staff Development Day and students will then return Tuesday 20th April. 
Merit Awards
Congratulations to the following students who have received a merit award in class this week.
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