Term 1 Week 10 2021 (hat parade, peace pole, wellbeing)

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‘Peace begins with a smile’  Albert Einstein
Restrictions continue to ease As restrictions continue to ease across NSW in relation to COVID, it is with great pleasure that we are able to continue re-welcoming community members onsite to share our school. This started late last week when we were able to welcome the Rotary Club of West Wollongong onsite to install a Peace Pole near our main entry. The pole has English, Arabic, Macedonian and Swahili script stating ‘may peace prevail on Earth’. It is a lovely addition to our school with so many learnings to be shared. Early next term, we continue with our focus on diversity when we plan to unveil our Aboriginal mural and distribute our Aboriginal Art inspired polo shirts. We will cook a BBQ and welcome our community to participate one afternoon at school finishing time. We continue to hear the Premier’s plea though, that while restrictions ease, compliance must grow. We will still distance, practise good hygiene, stay home if unwell, and register attendance when onsite. I cannot believe Term 1 is closing, but it means Easter and the holidays are near. We have a busy week before our hat parade after lunch on Thursday at 11.35, where all students can participate. We are busy decorating hats in classes, and we welcome the community to join us for the event. It will be a fun way to end the term. Last week, we shared our video on classroom management. It is a skill many community members grew to appreciate during learning from home last year. All of our behaviour and classroom management here at school starts with a relationship. Please take time to view Mrs Nicastri’s video this week. It highlights the importance and effort we place into relationships and student wellbeing in helping our students learn and grow every day. A reminder that these holidays our gates remain closed because we have major construction work: tree felling, plumbing remediation, mural hanging, signage and carpentry. I schedule these things during breaks where I can to minimise disruption to learning, but I apologise it means gates remain closed in the name of community safety. It is my intention to ‘share our space’ in all holidays where major construction is not scheduled. Yesterday I sent home information relating to Opportunity Class Processes for Year 5 in 2022. If this is something you are considering for a child in Year 4 this year, please read the information sent home which is also available online here: https://education.nsw.gov.au/public-schools/selective-high-schools-and-opportunity-classes/year-5 Last but not least, please place our ANZAC ceremony in your diary at midday on Friday April 23. It will be a short, but formal ceremony. Unless things drastically change in the COVID space, we look forward to opening our gates and inviting you to this important event. A reminder that students return Tuesday, April 20. Admin and teaching staff will be onsite the day before for professional learning. Have a great week. If you celebrate Easter, I hope you have a lovely celebration. Regardless, I trust our whole community will have a nice weekend with those closest, and a safe and happy school holiday break thereafter. Kieren Corbyn, Principal
What Works Best- Wellbeing in 5/6

Students learn best when they have a high level of wellbeing. Student wellbeing is a broad term that includes good mental, physical and emotional health, feeling supported in learning, building healthy relationships and having a strong sense of meaning and purpose. Teachers can support students’ wellbeing by creating a safe environment, helping students to feel that they belong, valuing their opinions and perspectives, encouraging them to be interested in learning, and helping them to manage their emotions and develop positive relationships with teachers and other students.

This week, 5/6  provide us with a great example of a class which values wellbeing and respect. We think Mrs Nicastri and 5/6 should be very proud of the classroom environment they've created.

Hat Parade - Thursday 1st April 11:35

The Hub has seen an explosion of glitter and colour as children have been creating up a storm in anticipation of the annual hat parade on Thursday.  Whilst we are welcoming parents/ carers onsite for the parade, it would greatly assist us if only one parent/ carer attended for each child. We will have parent sign-on sheets, hand sanitiser and QR codes at the gate to ensure that we are maintaining COVID safety.  We are looking forward to this fun-filled event.


Sometimes raising children involves tricky conversations. This year, our school has been given the opportunity to participate in 'Inter-relate' family sessions online. The program is running April 27. Please see the attached image below, and if you are interested in participating, make contact with our front office this week and ask to speak with Mr Corbyn who will connect you with the sessions and organise payment.  

Maths holiday fun

Our Primary Maths Specialist Team have been learning about the importance of engaging students and learning through fun and challenging maths games. Every few weeks we'll be sharing some fun maths games that you can play with your child at home. 

Our first game is called the Place Value Game and the game board and instructions can be accessed below. It's a fun, competitive game which challenges students to think of placement of numbers in relation to each other. We hope you enjoy challenging your child to a game. https://www.education.vic.gov.au/Documents/school/teachers/teachingresources/discipline/maths/assessment/placevaluegame.pdf

The term that was- Term 1 fun!


A congratulations is in order for our Year 6 student, Destin Tausala. A few weeks ago, Destin participated in a sporting trial for Rugby League where he was selected into the South Wollongong PSSA team. Then, just last week, Destin trialled for the Southern Illawarra Zone Team where he was successful. He is now off to Batemans Bay next term to contest in the South Coast PSSA Regional Carnival. Good luck, Destin.

Merit awards

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