2013 Annual Report

Lake Heights continued to provide exceptional learning opportunities and achieve high student learning outcomes in 2013. The school’s welcoming character, use of technology, award winning partnership programs with the Warrawong Community of Schools, outstanding National Assessment Program results and extra curricular programs have all contributed to our enviable reputation for excellence.

Our students achieved at or above minimum standards for reading in both Years 3 and 5 while we have been a Partnership school. The same was true for Year 5 in Numeracy in the previous two years. All of our Aboriginal students were represented in the middle to upper bands for NAPLAN in all areas for the past three years.

Our final year of National Partnership funding enabled all staff to receive well-timed training in approaches to literacy development. Teachers in the early years obtained ongoing and accurate knowledge of student learning growth and they used this information in ways that have transformed classrooms. By the middle of the year, students were once again entering the Reading Recovery program on levels above 16.

As Lake Heights moves off Partnership and Equity funding, these students will continue to receive the most informed teaching which accurately targets each one’s place on literacy and numeracy learning continuums. Ongoing training and inter-school collegial networking has become a permanent feature of school culture giving teachers the knowledge and skills they are using to facilitate our ever-improving res ults.

Our attention to all areas of the curriculum and extensive range of extra-curricular programs gave students a full educational experience. This year, library lessons were integrated with Human Society and Its Environment as well as Science and Technology. The students had the benefit of two teachers, smaller group numbers, library resources and interactive technologies. Individual lessons in violin, keyboard and guitar were offered as part of the successful extra-curricular program.

For the first time in many years a choir was formed. The group took part in Southern Stars at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre and performances at talent shows and school functions.

Representative sports, outstanding student leadership, public speaking and further development of our environmental education area were amongst numerous other highlights that took place during the year.