2017 School Year Begins: Day 1 for Years 1 to 6

Monday 30 January 2017
All day

We’re excited to be able to announce the likely class organisation for 2017.

Classes and teachers are subject to change and are dependent on enrolments, but are presently as follows:

Kindergarten – Mrs Brisbance

K/1 – Mrs Denton and Mrs Ellsmore

Year 1/2 – Mrs Upeski

Year 2/3 – Mr Hurd

Year 4/5 – Miss Hunter

Year 5/6 – Mrs Nicastri and Mr Finkernagel

All classes will be organised and ready to go from the first day back, Monday 30 January, 2017.

Kindergarten students have individual starting appointments during the morning of Wednesday 1 February. Please telephone 4274 1740 further information regarding Kindergarten starting times.

The bell rings at 8.52 for an 8.55am start.