Berkeley Bounce Celebrations for Mural Group

Friday 4 November 2016
1.20pm - 2.30pm

In Term 2, students in Ms Stehr’s art group took part in the creation of a 10 metre mural that is now installed at Winnima Way, Berkeley.
A number of other community projects took place at the same time, including the installation of an outdoor ping pong table, a new garden and outdoor seating. A celebration of the finished projects called “Berkeley Bounce” has been planned for Friday 4 November and students involved in the mural have been invited to attend from 1.20pm.
The celebration will take place at Berkeley Park with a number of small school groups timetabled in at different times to spread the numbers. The Lake Heights mural group of 10 is booked in from 1.20 – 2.30, during which time there will be a short presentation, organised pingpong, handball and hoops games and a free BBQ lunch.
Owing to the small group number and short time, a bus is not economical. We are hopeful that parents will be able to assist with transport, leaving school at 11.20am then leaving Berkeley Park at 1.20 to be back at school by 2.30pm. Drivers are welcome to stay for the celebration and have lunch or to leave the children with Ms Stehr and come back after the hour.

Please use the permission note below to indicate you ability to help with transport and give permission for your child to attend.

Berkely Bounce Permission Note