Best Start Kindergarten assessments (continued)

Thursday 31 January 2019
9.00am - 2.30pm

Best Start Kindergarten assessments continue into their second day where the remaining new kindergarten students will be assessed one-to-one. Assessments take approximately 40 minutes. If you need to confirm or change your appointment, please phone our office on 4274 1740 during school hours.

All children start school with different abilities in literacy and numeracy. At the beginning of Kindergarten, it is important that teachers can get to know their students and find out about their abilities and knowledge.

Best Start Kindergarten is an assessment held in all public schools and some Catholic and independent schools in the first few weeks of Kindergarten. Teachers sit with a student one-on-one and administer tasks that will help them gain an understanding of that student’s literacy and numeracy knowledge. The results help our teachers to understand what each student knows already and to plan teaching accordingly.