District Athletics Carnival

Wednesday 27 July 2016
8.15am - 3.30pm

Qualifying students will represent Lake Heights at the South Wollongong PSSA district
athletics carnival at Beaton Park, Wollongong on Wednesday 27 July 2016 .


  • Bus


  • $12 per child or $20 per family (this includes bus and entry fees)


  • Bus departs school 8:15 am
  • Events start 9:00 am
  • Bus depart Beaton Park 3:00 pm
  • Students arrive back at school 3:30 pm

This year, the carnival will be held on one day instead of two and all events will take place over the course of that day. Students who are in both field and track events must ensure that they listen out for their events and be aware that track events take precedence over field events. For example, if a student is doing Long Jump and they hear their 100m Sprint event being called, they must leave the Long Jump to marshal for their 100m sprint, and then return back to Long Jump once their race is finished.

There will be a canteen available, however students should bring recess and lunch as well as bottled water.

Students need to wear comfortable shoes, blue shorts and either their yellow school polo or Lake Heights singlets (to be provided on the day).

All spectators are welcome.

District Athletics Permission Note