Kindergarten 2019 transition to school playgroup

Monday 29 October 2018
1.35pm - 2.35pm

This year Lake Heights Public School is excited to begin the Transition to School Program with a series of four playgroup sessions. These playgroups are an exciting opportunity for parents and children of the 2018 Kindergarten group to meet and interact. The 2019 Kindergarten teachers will be running the playgroups at school and are looking forward to meeting new students and families in a friendly and relaxed environment.


Following the initial playgroups, the school will be running two orientation sessions for the students. These will take place in one of the current Kindergarten classrooms and will allow the children to meet their teacher and experience a school morning session. A parent information session will be held in the Learning Hub while the children attend their first orientation.

To stay up to date, families will be connected via ClassDojo and the Lake Heights PS Facebook page when they attend one of the transition sessions.

Visit our Transition to Kindergarten 2019 page for resources and complete program details.