Phase 1 – Returning to school one day per week

Monday 11 May 2020
All day

During the school holidays, the NSW government announced its return to school plan for public school students. The plan is from Week 3, starting Monday May 11, students will return to school for one day per week, and continue learning remotely for the remaining four. As has been the case right throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, our school remains open each day for the children of essential workers, but wherever possible, the Government continues to ask families to keep children home outside of their assigned day per week at school to assist us with social distancing.

We will be using an alphabetical model to assign your child/ren’s day per week. We endeavour to have siblings attend on the same day. To enable this, if your children have differing surnames, we are using your oldest child’s surname to group your family. Our days at school from Week 3 onwards, until we move to Phase 2 are as follows:

Monday: Surnames A-D, Tuesday: Surnames E-1, Wednesday: Surnames J-M,
Thursday: Surnames N-R, and Friday: Surnames S-Z

When your child/ren attend school on their allotted day, we ask that they bring their work packages, to save us having to reprint the same work, and also to allow our staff to check in on your child’s work and assist with any queries.
Social distancing remains a key priority for our organisation. To this effect, class sizes will be greatly reduced. This means your child may not necessarily be supervised by their own classroom teacher, and they may be sharing their learning days with children from other classes. Groupings will be loosely determined by schooling age for developmental appropriateness.