Rod Wishart and Paul McGregor Shield

Wednesday 31 May 2017
All day

South Wollongong PSSA is running a Rugby League Gala Day on 31 May this year. Students will participate in a range of activities throughout the day.

When: Wednesday 31 May

Where: Noel Mulligan Oval, Port Kembla.

Cost: Nil


Teams with their teacher will arrive by 9:30am.
First games will commence at 10:00am and the last game will finish at 1:10pm.


There are two divisions for boys (competitive or non-competitive). Girls have one division.

•Paul McGregor boys, Years 3 and 4 (competitive and non-competitive divisions)
•Rod Wishart girls league tag, Years 5 and 6 (one division)
•Rod Wishart boys, Years 5 and 6 (competitive and non-competitive divisions)

Permission note:

Rod Wishart Paul McGregor Shield 2017 – 2



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