School Leader Nominations Open

Tuesday 20 November 2018
All day

During Term 4 each year, students from Year 5 are invited to take part in nominations for school leader positions.

There are 2 Captain and 2 Vice Captain positions which can be filled by any combination of boy/girl numbers. Students and staff will vote for four leaders. The top two votes become Captains. The third and fourth highest votes become Vice Captains.

To stand for nomination, a student needs to have:

  • a good behaviour record (e.g. Seldom but preferably never on a behaviour level this year)
  • shown school spirit and been a good role model (eg represented the school at academic/sporting events when there has been an opportunity, taken part in at least some extra activities that the school has offered)
  • been punctual and have a good attendance record
  • an ability to speak clearly and with some confidence
  • parent permission and Principal approval.

When the parent permission slip is returned with all three signatures, students are instantly nominated. Nominations close on Friday 24 November.

Students will have until Friday 1 December to prepare a speech that they will deliver on the same day at a 10.00am assembly.

Campaigning is limited to a single poster up to A3 size in the school. “How to vote” tickets, special offers and similar means of attracting votes are not allowed.

The results of the voting will be announced to the candidates prior to publication in Monday’s School Enews. The new school leaders will be inducted at Presentation Day (Wednesday 6 December) where they will also receive their badge from the outgoing 2017 leaders.

Nomination forms will be available from Year 5 teachers from 20 November and by download below.

School Leader Nominations for 2019