Swim School starts

Monday 2 December 2019
All day

The Department of Education School Swimming Scheme is an intensive learn to swim program, which develops water confidence and provides students with basic skills in water safety and survival. The Scheme is conducted over ten days. Each daily lesson is 45 minutes.

The Scheme focuses on weak swimmers in Years 1 to 4 with offers made to Years 5 and 6 if there are vacancies during the week before swim school (from 25 Nov). Students who have not reached a satisfactory standard of water safety and survival skills, and are unable to swim 25m confidently unaided in deep water, are eligible to participate in the School Swimming Scheme.

Instruction will take place at Berkeley pool. The Scheme will continue daily for two weeks from 2 December to 13 December 2019, departing school at 1.25 and returning after school at approximately 2.45pm.

Each child should bring a swimming costume, a towel, shirt, hat and warm clothing on a cool day. Students should use adequate sun protection, eg an SPF 30+ broad spectrum, water resistant sun screen reapplied regularly.