Walk Safely to School Day

Friday 19 May 2017
All day

Support Walk Safely to School Day on Friday 19 May by walking to school and promoting safe pedestrian skills. School leaders will be at the entry gates to greet safe walkers with a sticker.

It’s that time of year again when our school seriously starts talking about walking. Walk Safely to School Day asks that we all consider our transport habits and try to incorporate more walking as part of a healthy, active way to get around. And although walking all the way to school isn’t realistic for many of us, it’s quite easy to figure out how you can build a walk into your family’s daily routine.

You can teach your child the healthy habit of walking more by:

• Walking with them the whole way to school.
• If you have to drive, park the car a few blocks away from the school and walk the rest of the way.

Regular exercise like walking with your child not only helps them (and you!) beat chronic problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, behavioural and mental health issues, but it also gives you a great opportunity to teach your child safe ways to behave around roads and traffic.

Remember, Active Kids are Healthy Kids so plan your own Walk Safely to School Day journey for Friday 19 May.