Wollongong Performing Arts HS applications

Wednesday 1 March 2017
All day

Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts (WHSPA) is a comprehensive, co-educational high school with a specialist performing arts focus.
The school has the twin goals of “academic excellence” and “excellence in the performing arts.”
Approximately 70% of the students enrolled at WHSPA have gained placement through the audition and workshop process. The school also enrols students from local primary schools and students who have specifically applied to access the school’s academic programs.
Students can audition in one or two of the four arts disciplines (Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts) offered at our school. Please read the audition preparation and guidelines as set out in the link below.

Applications close Friday 3 March.

Yr 6 into Yr 7 Wollongong HS Performing Arts Auditions 2018