Yr4/5 and 5/6 National Museum, Canberra Excursion

Friday 25 August 2017
6.45am - 5.00pm

The Stage 2 and Stage 3 excursion for this year will be taking place at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra. The National Museum offers a great program called ‘K-Space’ which aligns with the work that 4/5 and 5/6 have been doing in history this year. We will also be exploring the Museum’s different exhibits and displays.

Students will be travelling by bus to Canberra at 6:45am Friday 25 August 2017 and returning to school at 5:00pm the same day.

The cost of the excursion is $25 per student which can be paid at the school office.

Further information is available on the permission slip below.

4-5-6 Excursion to Canberra permission note