School enrolment area

Every public school reserves enough places within their school for students in their local enrolment area. Visit to confirm you are in-area.

Out of Area Enrolment (Non-local Enrolment)

Non-local enrolment applications are only considered when our school can accommodate a child within school and class numbers after reserving mandatory space required for local enrolments. The Principal can provide initial advice where required or appropriate before a Non-Local Enrolment Panel may assess applications. 

The non-local enrolment application form requires the applicant to address the following selection criteria and provide supporting documentation. The selection criteria for Non-local enrolment includes:

  • siblings already enrolled at the school
  • proximity and access to the school
  • access to single-sex education
  • medical reasons
  • safety and supervision of the student before and after school
  • availability of subjects or combinations of subjects
  • compassionate circumstances
  • structure and organisation of the school
  • recent change in the local intake area boundaries.

A non-local enrolment application form must be completed, after which a regular application to enrol in a NSW Government school form will also be required for successful enrolment.