School Plans

School Plan 2021-2024

At Lake Heights Public School, we aim to develop a life long love of learning for our students. Our 2021-2024 School Plan prioritises this aim as our school creates an environment that motivates our students, builds resilience, and helps them to realise and meet their potential.

School Plan 2018 – 2020

2018 is the beginning of a new 3-year school plan that builds on our commitment to the pursuit of excellence through quality teaching and learning in an environment where positive relationships underpin the culture of the school. Our three strategic directions embrace innovative practices that inspire students to become active, confident participants in a rapidly changing world: Student wellbeing A planned approach to student wellbeing processes supports the wellbeing of all students so that they can connect, succeed, thrive and learn.

School Plan 2017

2017 is the final year of the current 3 year plan.  Improvement measures have been adjusted in response to progress made during the first two years. The development a new 3 year plan will take place in addition to the following: Attendance More than 90% of students attending school regularly and achieving their full potential.

School Plan 2016

In 2016 we will continue to move forward with our strategic directions of Attendance, Literacy and the Australian Curriculum. Improvement measures have been adjusted in response to progress made during 2015.

School Plan 2015

Our 2015 school plan was developed in response to a situational analysis conducted at the end of 2014. The strategic directions of Attendance, Literacy and the Australian Curriculum were formulated through extensive consultation and data analysis.