School Plan 2015

Our 2015 school plan was developed in response to a situational analysis conducted at the end of 2014. The strategic directions of Attendance, Literacy and the Australian Curriculum were formulated through extensive consultation and data analysis.


  • Data indicates that attendance levels are consistently below the state average.
  • This impacts on student learning and social confidence, resulting in a lack of continuity in students’ education.
  • Regular attendance will enable students to bridge gaps in their knowledge and provide them with the opportunities to achieve their full potential.


  • School and NAPLAN data shows that while there is now growth occurring between years 3 and 5, the school is still under-represented in the proficient bands.
  • Spelling, writing, grammar and punctuation have been identified as areas of greatest need.
  • Proficient skills in all areas of literacy will enable students to access all curriculum areas.

Australian Curriculum

  • Implementation of the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum in Mathematics began in 2014. A revised school scope and sequence plan will ensure that all aspects are covered effectively from 2015
  • The implementation of the new Science and History curricula has the potential to reinvigorate these areas and enhance student engagement.
  • Collaborative professional development and resource acquisition will assist the school with full implementation of the Australian Curriculum.