School Plan 2017

2017 is the final year of the current 3 year plan.  Improvement measures have been adjusted in response to progress made during the first two years. The development a new 3 year plan will take place in addition to the following:


  • More than 90% of students attending school regularly and achieving their full potential.
  • A reduction in the number of students placed on a behavioural level, compared to 2016.
  • Attendance rates of Aboriginal population improved on 2016 levels by 10%


  • 80% of K-3  Early Action for Success students on track in literacy and numeracy.
  • PLAN data will show that students, particularly Aboriginal students, are moving along the literacy continuum at an optimal rate.
  • An upward trend in students achieving the proficient bands for Spelling and an 8% increase in students achieving in the proficient bands in Yr 3 & 5 Reading NAPLAN tests.

Australian Curriculum

  • An increased proportion of students in the top two NAPLAN bands by 8% with a 30% increase for Aboriginal students as an inclusive part of the 8% increase for general population.
  • History and Geography taught in all classrooms using an inquiry-based model. Relevant outcomes and tools reflected in programming, assessment and reporting.