School Plan 2018 – 2020

2018 is the beginning of a new 3-year school plan that builds on our commitment to the pursuit of excellence through quality teaching and learning in an environment where positive relationships underpin the culture of the school.

Our three strategic directions embrace innovative practices that inspire students to become active, confident participants in a rapidly changing world:

Student wellbeing

A planned approach to student wellbeing processes supports the wellbeing of all students so that they can connect, succeed, thrive and learn. Our purpose is to create a school-wide, collective responsibility for student learning, which is shared by parents and students. We aim to promote the social and emotional wellbeing of all students, to ensure optimum conditions for student learning across the whole school.

Literacy and numeracy

Excellent teachers have the capacity to transform the lives of students and to inspire and nurture their development as learners. Our purpose is to implement effective, evidenced-based teaching methods that optimise learning progress for all students. Teaching and assessment is responsive and personalised to meet the unique needs of each students. Through a collaborative and reflective approach to planning, teaching and assessment, we create a strong, visible culture in the school that promotes and supports improvement in teaching and learning.

Innovation for learning

Successful learners are creative and productive users of technology who think deeply and logically to solve problems. The physical environment of the school is flexible, promotes collaboration and is responsive to the changing needs of learners. Teachers facilitate meaningful student-led inquiry that promotes discussion and develops critical and creative thinking.