School Plan 2021-2024

At Lake Heights Public School, we aim to develop a life long love of learning for our students. Our 2021-2024 School Plan prioritises this aim as our school creates an environment that motivates our students, builds resilience, and helps them to realise and meet their potential.

Our three strategic directions embrace reflective, collaborative and evidence based teaching and learning practices:

Strategic Direction 1: Student growth and attainment
In order to maximise student learning outcomes in reading and numeracy, we will promote a whole-school culture of collaboration, driven and informed by data and supported by strong professional learning to implement effective teaching practices responsive to individual students’ learning needs.

Strategic Direction 2: Wellbeing for Learning
To develop a whole-school planned approach to wellbeing in order to improve learning for all students so that they are able to connect, succeed, thrive and learn in a supportive and caring learning environment.

Strategic Direction 3: Community and Innovation
To ensure that our community are partners in learning, there will be genuine consultation and involvement in all aspects of the school. There will be a planned approach to ensure that innovation will be at the forefront of teaching and learning.