Year 4/5


This is the final year of the Stage 2 phase of learning for Year 4 students, and the beginning of the important Stage 3 phase for Year 5 students. This year, there’ll be many opportunities for students to become involved in extra-curricular activities such a representative sport, public speaking, performing arts and leadership positions. 

Along with all other students in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 across Australia, Year 5 students will participate in the NAPLAN tests early in Term 2. Students will sit tests for reading, writing, language conventions and mathematics. In 4/5, our core values are to be safe, be caring, be respectful and be resilient.

As high school is soon approaching for students in these grades, students will participate in a variety of events that will help them transition to high school and ultimately help them decide on the right placement. Testing for opportunity classes is available for academically gifted and talented students in Years 5 and 6 for some schools. If you would like your child to sit these tests please contact Mr Fin.

Parents and guardians play a vital role in their child’s academic and social success at school. Letting your child know that you are interested in what they’re learning, and helping them with their homework will benefit their education.

Here is a link to help you support your child’s learning:

Mr Fin 🙂

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Students have the opportunity to earn points using the Class Dojo reward system resulting in individual and whole-class rewards. Students are encouraged to complete work on time, to follow our school values, and behave in a positive manner and receive individual and whole-class rewards. Class Dojo gives parents the opportunity to join and see how your child is behaving in class and receive updates about the class.

As an extra incentive, this year 4/5 will conduct an end of term auction where by all students can trade their Class Dojo points for purchased and donated items. Mr Fin will have a variety of items for sale in the auction, however, students are encouraged to bring in donated items to sell in the auction as well. As a reward, students will receive half of the purchase price to use to purchase other items in the auction. Please ensure that any donated items have parental permission. Examples of donated items include old stationary, books, toys, puzzles, outdoor equipment, cards, anything really…

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We will be continuing with the Crunch&Sip program currently operating in the school and students are encouraged to bring fruit or vegetables and water to enjoy during the morning session. For different ways to get more fruit and veg into your child’s daily diet visit

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Students will be using technology to enhance and support their learning within  our classroom. In 4/5 we are lucky to have 30 Chromebooks. With the provision of 1:1 technology within the classroom, students access a wide range of unique and education websites that enhance engagement and learning.

Students are welcome to bring their own technology to school as well, including phones and tablets. They are also able to bring a set of headphones for themselves to use on their device. Whilst technology is the responsibility of the students, all classrooms are equipped with surveillance cameras, offering a level of security.


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The Department of Education provides free access for students and teachers to Google Apps for Education (Classroom, Docs, Slides, Drive, Forms, Sheets, Slides and Hangouts). The Google Apps provides students with new and easy ways to complete and present work and collaborate with classmates. 

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Homework is given on a Monday and should be completed and returned to school by the following Monday. Students are also encouraged to read a book of their choice for at least 20 minutes each night. 

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Students are expected to bring their usual stationery supplies to school, including lead pencils, blue, black and red pens, a rubber, a pencil sharpener, coloured pencils, scissors and a glue stick. Students may bring extra equipment in a pencil case including textas, gel pens and other stationery equipment and this will be stored in the classroom until they need it. 

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Students have the option to take their school books home to cover them in contact if they wish to. Students in Year 4 will begin the year printing in lead pencil but will progress to cursive during the year and may earn their pen license by the end of the year.

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4/5 will begin the year working with imaginative texts. During term 1, we will be studying persuasive and narrative text types and be creating our own texts.

Writing continues to be a focus for students at Lake Heights Public School during 2018, with particular focus being placed on spelling and grammar. We have begun a new school-wide writing program, as well as new spelling program that has a hands on approach, allowing students to interact with spelling words and patterns. 


We will commence the year focusing on whole numbers and working on students’ understanding of place value and number facts. During term 1 we will be covering a range of topics including time, measurement and data.

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Lake Heights Public School has continued with the new science program that we began using in 2015. It allows students to engage in hands-on, inquiry-based learning. This year, Mrs Nicastri will teach science each Tuesday. 

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In 2018, physical development, health and education will be delivering high quality lessons that focus on student well-being, healthy lifestyle habits, and how to improve one’s social, emotional, physical and mental health. Whilst in PE, Mr Fin will be developing students’ fundamental movement skills, values and attitudes towards sport, spatial awareness and competitive strategies.