Year 4/5

2020 is going to an exciting year for the students of 4/5 and I am really looking forward to the year ahead. My name is Mr Finkernagel (aka Mr Fin) and I can’t wait to get to know all of my students. I am committed towards helping them learn new ideas and skills, set goals and challenge themselves in ways that may never have seemed possible. 

If your child is in my class, please feel free to pop in to introduce yourself, I would love to meet you. 



As a parent, you can use Class Dojo to connect to classroom activities and track your child’s behaviour. The application also provides a platform to receive reminders or get in touch with teachers, which is great for parents who can’t make it into the classroom as regularly. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

As an additional incentive for students to be working hard to receive points, 4/5 will have a end of term auction where students will be able to spend their hard earned dojos on items that have been either donated or purchased. More information about this will be provided to students throughout term 1.

One of my personal teaching goals this year is to keep parents up to date and informed about activities in the classroom through the class stories feature found in the Class Dojo app. Parents, please turn notifications on for this app to receive daily updates and massages. 


4/5 will begin the year working with informative texts. During term 1, we will be studying persuasive and narrative text types and be creating our own texts using ideas from the Seven Steps to Writing program and Accelerated Literacy pedagogies. 

Writing continues to be a focus for students at Lake Heights Public School during 2020, with particular focus being placed on spelling and grammar. We have begun a new school-wide writing program, as well as new spelling program that has a hands on approach, allowing students to interact with spelling words and patterns.




4/5 will commence the year focusing on whole numbers and working on students’ understanding of place value and number facts. I will be using a wide range of real world examples to help develop mathematical concepts will using technology to help foster basic arithmetic and a an assessment tool.



In 2020, physical development, health and education will be delivering high quality lessons that focus on student well-being, healthy lifestyle habits, and how to improve one’s social, emotional, physical and mental health. During PE lessons, I will be developing students’ fundamental movement skills, values and attitudes towards sport, spatial awareness and competitive strategies. It is compulsory that all students participate in PE and Friday sports. PSSA sport takes place in terms 1, 2 and 3. PSSA is optional but is an excellent platform to play organised sport, challenge your skills, make new friends and be part of a team. 


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This year, students in 4/5 will use a wide range of materials and techniques to create a range of artworks for a variety of purposes.  4/5 will  participate in a range of drama, music and dance programs. Many of our art will be aligned with concepts and topics covered in History, Geography and PDH. Keep an eye on our classroom walls and adjoining corridor, for displays of student’s artworks.


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This year we are excited to be using a new History and Geography program called, ‘Inquisitive’. It is an interactive research based program, which support student to conduct guided investigations. Students in 4/5 will be starting the year learning mapping skills based on a mini unit of work called, ‘Australia’. We will then move on to studying local and international celebrations and commemorations, and their significance to a range of cultures and countries. We will also be learning about how people and environments influence one another, and natural disasters.




Student in 4/5 are lucky enough to have access to a class set of Chromebooks. Students have dedicated time each Monday to improve their skills in their use of technology and research skills, which are an important life-long skills . We will also use iPads and other technologies to access a range of rich learning programs and apps such as, and Studyladder.  With many aspects of Naplan becoming online, students will also be given opportunities to practise and improve their typing and word processing skills.


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Homework will commence in Week 3. Students will have a homework grid to complete and return to school each Friday. There will be a mixture of set work and a variety of tasks where students can choose which ones they would like to complete. We would greatly appreciated if parents/ caregivers could sign each activity to confirm they have been completed.

Most students in Year 4 and 5 don’t have set home readers. However, we encourage students continue to read for at least 10-15 minutes each night and this will be included as a homework task. Students are also welcome to bring books from home to read during class quiet reading time.


During terms 1 and 3, there will be an opportunity for a scheduled chat with your child’s teachers to track your child’s progress and address any concerns. However, you do not need to wait until parent teacher conversations to address any issues or concerns. Please feel free to come and chat if necessary.


Kind regards,

Mr Fin